Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thinking Particles

I definitely haven't posted for quite awhile yet again. Lots have happened, many projects have pasted, lots of things have been learned. But one thing in particular I'm kind of siked on lately is Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D. There is quite a huge deal about Thinking Particles and what it is capable of & since it works so well with Xpresso I knew I'd dig pretty deep into it one day. So finally that day came and I strapped in with a couple of tutorials to set away on this quite confusing journey to understand Thinking Particles & all it's glory. Simon Holmedal has a huge knowledge for Thinking Particles so I went straight to him first. Right off the bat I knew what I wanted to achieve, which was kind of a randomized growing circuit lines that would go off on it's own taking either 45 degree turns or 90 degree turns. There has been a lot of people that have gone to make their own type of tool similar to what I wanted to achieve but thought it too be a great start to learn from. It took a bit of iterations & different ways of going about it but eventually I got down to a stable system. Pretty much came down to the first TP system driving the second TP system when to rotate based on it's born/death event. It was quite fun getting over some of the obstacles and then quite rewarding getting to sit back & watch those particles act of their own. I'll throw up a video once I get something put together to go along with the TP system. In the mean time here is a screen capture.