Monday, October 25, 2010

Yawn Filming D-Day

Yesterday was the day Veesh, Paul, & I filmed the intro to Veesh's year long BMX video. We had a specific location to film in Los Angeles, but unfortunately we got shut down through half of the shots we planned out to get. We ended up filming in a different, but similar location where we wouldn't get booted. We got enough to get decent edit going, all will go as planned with some unexpected turns.

As far as post production goes I will have to handle some rotoscoping to adding in some explosions via stock footage/maya dynamics. It will be a long process but I tend to work hard on this piece.

Thank you everyone that helped with this project, riders, behind the scene riders, and many more.

Will update soon with some progress!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

augh, it's been awhile

I haven't updated lately, currently I'm sitting here watching Iron Man 2 for the third time today.

What's with the latest is I graduated from FIDM's Digital Media program, got a job with
Fox Head in Irvine working as a Motion Graphics designer. Currently taking classes
at SMC for a traditional figure drawing class & a 2D animation class. I am as well working
on some side projects with a couple of friends & self projects. Siked to be working, working
with friends, & working with awesome companies.

I'll update soon. Probably with an update on my particle simulation logo I have been currently
working on for a bmx company.

Well till then,
Stay Golden...

By the way my father resembles Bruce Willis a whole lot after seeing RED, ha...