Friday, August 28, 2009

progress with life!

SO! I wasn't able to post this up a couple of days ago, I was quite busy with school and internship interviews. OHHH WHAAA!
Did I say internship interview? :P
So yeah, in the begging of the week I had two interviews for an internship.
Apparently both liked me and wanted me to come in. I couldn't take both, so I went with the first, b/c it being in a place I want to go more towards.

I went two days so far this past week, it's pretty cool!
There is only two people that work there.
Even though there is only two of them, they have a lot of clients.
The creative art director is quite cool, he gave me a couple of bumpers to
remake to match a next season of a show, project runway.
It's cool to see how things are layered out.
What I noticed & have been learning about is the little things that spice up the
over all look of the whole scene.
I'm having a good time there, I'm SIKED! :]

Also I've been working on my new title scene right now,
here is a quick preview of it! (Looks like Tron a bit)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Interview

Tomorrow I have my first official interview for a job in the industry I want to get into, I'm very excited.
Hopefully all goes well & I leave with a good impression.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tank! 3D Modeling!

I've start my new title scene for my 3D modeling/animation class.
I picked the Military Channel to do my project on.
The style I wanted to go for was kinda of a computer interface look where you can only see the outline of objects, specs, & all that kinda stuff.


I am very aware that this is a very popular look that many people have done in the past, so it's noting original, but heck! it's just awesome to create for yourself!
I plane to add some differences to the style, so hopefully that will work out well.
I can't wait to get this one done & see the outcome!

So far I have started modeling a tank. I have been enjoying modeling this baby, I tend to go down to some very small details on this model.
I could probably use it in another future project that will be used in a different way, who knows!

Time: 2ish hours?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finished Transfomers Title Animation (ALMOST!)

So when I came to class yesterday, I had thought my title animation project for my 3D modeling/animation class was due.
Unexpectedly it was not! BUT! The surprising thing was that I didn't have to struggle to finish the night before!

This time around I actually had a big project with a big challenge ahead of me, but I guess all the hard work I put in paid off pretty well. Now I have a week to fix up any small errors with texturing, make audio more lively, & a couple of other minor things. I'll also be able to render it in higher quality this time.

Hurrr is Prooojectoooo:

Transformers Title Animation Remake from Ryan Somerville on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Transformers Title Animation

Haven't posted anything for awhile.

I'm currently rendering my Transformers Title Animation project for my 3D Animation/Modeling class. I'm rendering my second version of the animation that will be combined with the first one I rendered earlier today.

The first render was consisting of just a nice simple texture, with the second one I changed the texture's settings a bit with roughness with the bump mapping, how it received light, and a couple of settings. I also cranked up the motion blur with the second one to give it more life, or just a better look. I love motion blur options on Maya & After Effects :P
Makes everything look smooooth & nice.

When the rendering is done with the second one, I'll bring both of them into After Effects to composite them to get a better look between them with blending modes & such.
After that I think I'll wrap up the project with some sounds & a "how it was made" video to present the project.

I'll post up a picture & video later, don't want to slow down the computer, stupid rendering taking up my CPU's memory usage! :P