Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seven to Eight Years of Braces

Today I finally got my braces off, it's been quite a long time that I've had them on.
Feels very different!

Laura & I smiling for the camera :P

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Renewable Energy Story Board

So for one of my classes the assignment is a all quarter assignment. We are giving scripts & get to choose from the scripts. The scripts are all about how the economic drop, renewable energy, free speech, & a couple of others.
Looking through them & seeing which one was more to my liking, I picked the renewable energy script. I figured that one will be more of an graphical element to them and I was able to make some smooth transitions between each scene.

I've been story boarding for about two hours now, I'm thinking that I may have too much going on in just a short amount of time, but maybe not. It's suppose to be three minutes, so hopefully all goes will with the timing.

I'm suppose to be building the images as of now, but I believe my project will got way smoother if I story board a lot before anything done on the computer.
I think in any project that story boarding should be a main concern before anything else.
After this will I hope to finish finalizing the story board & start building my images.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday when I got home from work I passed out after a long 8 hour shift, when I woke up I checked my e-mail & got a message back from the production company I've been e-mailing back & forth for about two months.
They asked when would I want to stop by there location and talk!
I'm siked!

If there is anything I want more, it is an internship or a job in my field.
To be around people that I know that are passionate as much about their career as myself would be a place I would want to be, it would help me be inspired & learn a lot from much more experienced people that have been in the industry for sometime.

Monday, July 20, 2009

29th Day of Summer Picture

29th Day of Summer

Today was pretty hot, kinda getting use to it by now.
I think i gotta switch to tanks rather then collared shirt, gotta sacrifice the flashy style for the summer look.

Day started, as always waking up at 7:30ish, feeling a bit lazy.
Worked on my Transformers title scene a bit on paper, still kinda scared to start working on it in Maya, but I'll make it work.

I attended my 12 o'clock class, 3D modeling/animation class, learned about more animated with graph editors and motion paths. All to confusing, glad I have my notes to refer back to.

Then came along my 3 o'clock class, film history. I thought it was going to be an alright class session, but then was let down terribly. We watched Citizen Kane, which is clammed to be best American film. I'm not sure what it was, but I did not enjoy the movie one bit. It was probably the fact that it was an old film, black & white, & not being modern. I do appreciate old films though, but this one was just horrible. As what I was scared of from the begging, which was falling asleep in class, was happening watching this boring film. Hopefully the upcoming films are not so bad in the class.

The drive home wasn't so bad, only about 30 or so minutes. I worked on my story board, scripts, & style sheets for my Digital Comp class. The topic of my 3 minute script is on "Piracy," which is totally hypocritical on my part, ha ha.

Watching Oceans 13
those sly thieves ;]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

VFX Breakdowns

It's amazing in the world of Visual Effects now days.

With the computers we have today it seems that we can pretty much simulate something from real life that looks decently close with enough time & knowledge put into a project.

Television, Movies, & Video Games show off these Visual Effects very well these days.

Audiences of these medias don't realize how much hard work is put into these Visual Effects, but I guess when the audiences don't realize the Visual Effects, it's when the Artists are doing there job very well.

Some websites that I found that show off how much work is put into just a couple of seconds into visual effects with television, movie, & video games are:

for some Video Game VFX breakdowns:

some Movie VFX breakdowns:

& a Television show with VFX breakdowns:

It's very inspirational to me to see these kinds of things, just makes me wanna work to a higher level!


Saturday Moning/Afternoon

The day started with of course waking up at 7:30 am sharp, the time I always wake up.

My ears were greeted by my family talking in the living room about the tour da france, yes, rather then the singing birds outside my open window.

I quick brows around the net to my daily visited websites, motiongrapher, the come up, myspace(gay), & lots of others.

With all that happening in the first thirty minutes of my morning, I started to work on my homework :D

My concept for my first title intro animation for my 3D modeling/animation class was in remake the Transformers title scene

which can be viewed here:

here you can see that i was very productive though out the morning:

I started on drawing the animation steps for the letters transforming into the date release:

fuck soggy cereal:

me for the morning:

i've got work in two hours and a half, i think i'll go ride for a bit